Being deeply in love with the ocean and photography was just a combination of factors that made me who I am now. 

I studied Marketing and Communication management followed by International Marketing management, few jobs later I took the plunge and decided life could not be just that.  I decided to change for ever and the better. 

In 2010 I received my instructor license and started teaching Recreational and Technical SCUBA diving full time. Living and traveling to Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Chuuk, Palau and Malaysia has given me the chance to explore some of the best dive sites in the world. Experience as a dive center owner, resort and Live aboard manager made a well round proffessional.

My diving passion and training allow me to take my passion to deep reefs, stunning caves, secluded lakes...but there is never enough and I am still hungry of knowledge and experiences.

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Photo by Jun V. Lao

Photo by Jun V. Lao

Currently based in Thailand working at ocean republic diving