Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (Boracay re-discovery)

Hello Peeps!!

I am writing you from my Dive base in Boracay Island to wish you merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

"Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies. Apart from its white sand beaches, Boracay is also famous for being one of the world's top destinations for relaxation. It is also emerging among the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife.
Boracay was awarded as the 2012 best island in the world from the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure. In 2014, the resort island was at the top of the Best Islands in the World list published by the international magazine Condé Nast Traveler. In 2016, Boracay headed the magazine's list of Top 10 destinations to watch ." source wikipedia.

This time I took advantage to meet with great friends and dive in some of the most Iconic dive sites in the island, Camia II a cargo ship sitting in a upright position and Tribird, a Russian Fokker jet plane sunk up side down at 28 meter under the surface.



Side Mount fever!!

This past months I had the privilege to teach Side Mount diving to some of the best divers you can find around Mabul/ Sipadan area.

So far it has been 5 Divemasters from Seaventures who decided to give it a try and for the look in those faces I can tell you they had a blast. We have had some different sizes, gender and fitness variety in these two classes I show the benefits of SM, all of them using exactly the same gear a tiny 16Lbs SM BCD with a couple of Scubapro MK25Evo and two tanks aluminum 80c.f.

I ran the courses in 2,5 days including theory, equipment workshop and all the diving that was needed. After an average of 4 hours diving in sidemount the results are amazing, and diver one step closer to pass to the next level, self-Reliant, Cavern or TEC diving.

Here a little gallery of the SM fun. 

DIVE Resort & Travel Show Philippines 2016

DIVE Resort & Travel Show Philippines 2016 co-organized by Philippine Department of Tourism continues growing on its second edition with more expositors, more international presence, more assistance and their unique B2B meetings with international agents from around the globe!

In a personal point of view on how everything worked only one word is enough to sum up the whole experience, AMAZING!

All started with a very good communication by the organisms involve, DRT, PdoT, Intas and the Resorts hosting the participants. Top experience guys!

Familiarization trip to South Leyte went smooth and surpassed all my expectations on what the location has to offer; pristine hard corals in Limasawa island ideal for divers and snorkelers alike. One of the best dive sites in the Philippines and surly South East Asia can be fount in Napantao MPA. Macro lovers will delight themselves with the northern sites like Little Lembeh or in my honest opinion some of the best night dives I've done in Padre Burgos Pier.
Paradise for UW Photographers.

I cannot stop here yet, the people I met in these days made the difference. Too many names to mention you all, let's just say we keep in touch huh!

TEC 40+Self-reliant+Cavern Course= busy week and loads of fun!!

Last week I was lucky enough to cross paths with Trent and Catherine, a couple of american divers living in Shanghai, China.

They took the chance to visit us at during the Chinese new year to spend 8D7N with us, training to dive safely  to 40 meters depth, with full tech gear and limited decompression with EANx up to 50% for conservatism. not only that Trent wanted to become a self reliant diver so he can go for those extra dives Catherine will prefer to chill with a good book at sun deck.

In the meantime Catherine went for a nice combo of certifications, EANx and wreck diver certifications with Bridget, a coworker of mine you can visit in her facebook page

Both of them pushed their limits when training for their cavern certification at the world famous Turtle Tomb at Sipadan island.

I would like you to enjoy some of the shots taken during the fun dives after training.

Stop Fish Bombing!

Terrible problem in the center of marine biodiversity in the world, South east Asia treasure being sold by peanuts.

To know a bit more I would like to share a short but very informative video focused in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. showing the catastrophic consequences of Fish bombing.

In my Experience as a dive instructor I get to dive in magic seascapes where tourist come to visit because they expect to see a pristine ecosystem, something nearly untouch with abundance of wild life, fish, coral and birds.

Local communities depend largely from the natural resources that surround them in land and ocean, but when big companies come into picture and over harvest natural resources taking advantage of the people who depends on those resources, then greed has no limits and we all lose.

Education, investment in sustainable industries and law enforcement. Sounds so simple but at the same time seems to be an utopia. 

Call for action!

I would like to share an episode of Borneo from Below, Production from Scubazoo and personal friends spreading the word of what it is really happening here in South east Asia, Semporna area, just at the doorstep of world famous Sipadan island.

#1 Reduce!

#2 Reuse!

#3 Recycle!


Sharks in Borneo

If you are reading this post part of this blog, most likely you know pretty much everything going on around shark conservation and fining, nevertheless I am Proud to be part of a company who shoulders this kind of projects.

Borneo from Below last video talks and shows more about this problem here in Borneo.

Compressor diving in local fisheries.

This video explaining how locals make a living out of commercial fishing, even though they know they face a risky business with no happy ending in many occasions. 

Compressor diving and over fishing.

South East Asia it is being so exploited that if no change, it will not be anything left very soon.

How to sell your Photos??

Hi there!

This Blog entry is about YOU and YOUR PHOTOS!!

I have been many times approach by people and told that my pictures could be somewhere better than sitting in my hard drive, don't you sell your pictures to magazines... and I agreed but I never knew how to start doing something profitable with them.

A Professional videographer and old friend with plenty of experience in UW videography industry once told me to put a price to my work, before people starts thinking about you like the guy who takes super nice free pictures... sounds a bit too straight to the point but she is right, the investment in equipment, extra baggage fees and insurances won't pay by themselves. 

Well now it comes the good news! I discovered this website were you can create in only 5 minutes your own online shop. is a website that gives you the platform to sell your art, a simple way to get back your investment without having to spend anything else than a few minutes. The Idea is quite simple, you upload your media and give permission to use it on quality printings in different supports, canvas, metal frames, mugs, clothing, phone cases etc. That is the product they sell and that's how they make their living... you put the art they put the merchandising, printing and shipping, not bad right?

Here it is my own online shop to serve as an example

I know there must be many other ways to make something out your photos, but this is one easy way to start with.


Becoming a TEC DEEP instructor.

I though long time ago, after being part of the IDC staff instructor program around 2012 I would only enjoy the teaching side of the Instructor programs... I was wrong!

The new adventure is to become a PADI - DSAT TEC DEEP Instuctor, allowing me to train and certify candidate divers up to TEC 50 (More info about the course by private). Lucky me at the moment I am based in and the facilities are just unbeatable. Not only convenient because of the availability of Oxygen we have but also for the gear we use and the unique nature of our rig.

But because an image worth more than a thousand words, here I leave you a video filmed and edited by Chris Hailey and a few snaps from me.

Jonatan SCUBA.jpg
Jonatan Sanchez Photographer.jpg
jona foto.jpg

The Unique and Only Diving Rig in the world!

Seaventures – The Story

Seaventures, built in Panama, is a jack-up accommodation module previously used in the oil and gas industry. It was towed and used in different locations until decommissioning in 1985 where it was left in a shipyard in Singapore awaiting its next journey.

Its next journey began when an ex Chief Minister came across this great metal structure and had the vision and foresight to see its potential. He wanted to breathe new life into it and revive it as a hotel that could be situated right in the thick of it, in the middle of the sea.

Not only was this an opportunity for something different, but also as something that embraced eco-tourism – there would be no need for chopping down trees or piling into the sea. It was a hotel that could be constructed without damaging marine life or upsetting the marine eco-system.

Originally it was to be a hotel geared towards fishing – the perfect opportunity to make the most of the teeming marine life that would thrive in the shelter of the six legs. With this in mind, the rig was refurbished in Labuan – however, it was a little ahead of its time -- tourism was not quite ready for this kind of resort.

It was decided to relocate the rig to Mabul, close to Sipadan with the sole intention of providing divers with a base for one of the best dive sites in the world. The rig has been at its current location since 1997, where the structures and shelter have created a haven for fish – making it what it is today.

Why they’re different:

  • We are fully recycled and not ready to turn this thriving rig into scrap.

  • Its shelter and its structure gives the marine life a place of safety and this is what makes the diving so spectacular.

  • It is a perfect spot for training – no need for dive boats, no long shore walks – just brief on the deck and kit up to dive.

  • It is perfect for people with limited time who want to maximize their dives, with unlimited accessibility to the water at any time.

  • There is no tiring yourself out by lugging around equipment before or after the dive. Put on your gear, step on the lift and off you go.

  • It has some of the best after-dive benefits around. There are no mosquitoes, no sand flies and no sand to rub away in your gear.

  • Unmatched 360-degree views of the whole surrounding area from anywhere on the rig is perfect for photographers.