Becoming a TEC DEEP instructor.

I though long time ago, after being part of the IDC staff instructor program around 2012 I would only enjoy the teaching side of the Instructor programs... I was wrong!

The new adventure is to become a PADI - DSAT TEC DEEP Instuctor, allowing me to train and certify candidate divers up to TEC 50 (More info about the course by private). Lucky me at the moment I am based in and the facilities are just unbeatable. Not only convenient because of the availability of Oxygen we have but also for the gear we use and the unique nature of our rig.

But because an image worth more than a thousand words, here I leave you a video filmed and edited by Chris Hailey and a few snaps from me.

Jonatan SCUBA.jpg
Jonatan Sanchez Photographer.jpg
jona foto.jpg