How to sell your Photos??

Hi there!

This Blog entry is about YOU and YOUR PHOTOS!!

I have been many times approach by people and told that my pictures could be somewhere better than sitting in my hard drive, don't you sell your pictures to magazines... and I agreed but I never knew how to start doing something profitable with them.

A Professional videographer and old friend with plenty of experience in UW videography industry once told me to put a price to my work, before people starts thinking about you like the guy who takes super nice free pictures... sounds a bit too straight to the point but she is right, the investment in equipment, extra baggage fees and insurances won't pay by themselves. 

Well now it comes the good news! I discovered this website were you can create in only 5 minutes your own online shop. is a website that gives you the platform to sell your art, a simple way to get back your investment without having to spend anything else than a few minutes. The Idea is quite simple, you upload your media and give permission to use it on quality printings in different supports, canvas, metal frames, mugs, clothing, phone cases etc. That is the product they sell and that's how they make their living... you put the art they put the merchandising, printing and shipping, not bad right?

Here it is my own online shop to serve as an example

I know there must be many other ways to make something out your photos, but this is one easy way to start with.