The Unique and Only Diving Rig in the world!

Seaventures – The Story

Seaventures, built in Panama, is a jack-up accommodation module previously used in the oil and gas industry. It was towed and used in different locations until decommissioning in 1985 where it was left in a shipyard in Singapore awaiting its next journey.

Its next journey began when an ex Chief Minister came across this great metal structure and had the vision and foresight to see its potential. He wanted to breathe new life into it and revive it as a hotel that could be situated right in the thick of it, in the middle of the sea.

Not only was this an opportunity for something different, but also as something that embraced eco-tourism – there would be no need for chopping down trees or piling into the sea. It was a hotel that could be constructed without damaging marine life or upsetting the marine eco-system.

Originally it was to be a hotel geared towards fishing – the perfect opportunity to make the most of the teeming marine life that would thrive in the shelter of the six legs. With this in mind, the rig was refurbished in Labuan – however, it was a little ahead of its time -- tourism was not quite ready for this kind of resort.

It was decided to relocate the rig to Mabul, close to Sipadan with the sole intention of providing divers with a base for one of the best dive sites in the world. The rig has been at its current location since 1997, where the structures and shelter have created a haven for fish – making it what it is today.

Why they’re different:

  • We are fully recycled and not ready to turn this thriving rig into scrap.

  • Its shelter and its structure gives the marine life a place of safety and this is what makes the diving so spectacular.

  • It is a perfect spot for training – no need for dive boats, no long shore walks – just brief on the deck and kit up to dive.

  • It is perfect for people with limited time who want to maximize their dives, with unlimited accessibility to the water at any time.

  • There is no tiring yourself out by lugging around equipment before or after the dive. Put on your gear, step on the lift and off you go.

  • It has some of the best after-dive benefits around. There are no mosquitoes, no sand flies and no sand to rub away in your gear.

  • Unmatched 360-degree views of the whole surrounding area from anywhere on the rig is perfect for photographers.