Side Mount fever!!

This past months I had the privilege to teach Side Mount diving to some of the best divers you can find around Mabul/ Sipadan area.

So far it has been 5 Divemasters from Seaventures who decided to give it a try and for the look in those faces I can tell you they had a blast. We have had some different sizes, gender and fitness variety in these two classes I show the benefits of SM, all of them using exactly the same gear a tiny 16Lbs SM BCD with a couple of Scubapro MK25Evo and two tanks aluminum 80c.f.

I ran the courses in 2,5 days including theory, equipment workshop and all the diving that was needed. After an average of 4 hours diving in sidemount the results are amazing, and diver one step closer to pass to the next level, self-Reliant, Cavern or TEC diving.

Here a little gallery of the SM fun.