DIVE Resort & Travel Show Philippines 2016

DIVE Resort & Travel Show Philippines 2016 co-organized by Philippine Department of Tourism continues growing on its second edition with more expositors, more international presence, more assistance and their unique B2B meetings with international agents from around the globe!

In a personal point of view on how everything worked only one word is enough to sum up the whole experience, AMAZING!

All started with a very good communication by the organisms involve, DRT, PdoT, Intas and the Resorts hosting the participants. Top experience guys!

Familiarization trip to South Leyte went smooth and surpassed all my expectations on what the location has to offer; pristine hard corals in Limasawa island ideal for divers and snorkelers alike. One of the best dive sites in the Philippines and surly South East Asia can be fount in Napantao MPA. Macro lovers will delight themselves with the northern sites like Little Lembeh or in my honest opinion some of the best night dives I've done in Padre Burgos Pier.
Paradise for UW Photographers.

I cannot stop here yet, the people I met in these days made the difference. Too many names to mention you all, let's just say we keep in touch huh!