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Cavern Course

PADI Cavern Specialty course starting on April 8th until April 10th.

We are starting the course with a session of theory discussing about who and why should take this course, as it is the first out of 3 courses to become a Full cave diver and that means a full commitment and understanding of the activity. Once it is clear we move on the cavern and cave types, risks and interests of each, formation of them and different entrances we can find.

Equipment is another important part of the course as we are learning how to handle reels, spools, lights. This little workshop includes safety modifications on your recreational SCUBA unit to avoid entanglement.

Dry drills with the new toys and open water practice of what you will have learnt in the dry sessions. Once mastered and happy with the training we organize the remaining 3 dives in the cavern environment in Sipadan Island in the famous Turtle tomb.

Looking forward for this course!!

Earlier Event: March 20
Later Event: May 22
1 month in the Philippines